How to Trace Mobile Number Location with Exact Name, Address

There are many instances when we want to know where our friends are, where our parents are, and for those who've got a pair, where is my girlfriend or boyfriend. ! Well, there are many apps in the market which allow you to get exactly the pinpointed location of  any cell phone. But the problem is they cost too high. Well, today I'm gonna show you a process by which you can trace the exact mobile location of any cell phone without the need to spend a single penny. What you need is listed below, and I'm sure most of us already have what is needed.

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  • Any cell phone that supports Google maps. eg. Nokia, Blackberry, Symbian etc.
  • Google Latitude. Which you can download by going to from your cell phone.


  • Go to from your cell phone.
  • Download the free app.
  • Open the App.
  • Enter You mobile number in the entry Field.
  • Now You've set it up on your phone. Now you gotta set it up on your friend's cell phone. 

How to set it up on your friend's cell phone:

  • You can add friends by their E-mail Addresses. Your friends will receive an E-mail with the download link of Google latitude. 
  • Or you can manually add yourself or ask your friend to add google latitude on his/her cell phone. 
  • Now you and your friend can add each other as friends on google latitude and you'll get the exact location of where your friend's cell phone is.
  • There is exactly no limit to how many friends you can add in your latitude circle. (Just make sure you don't add your parents :) 
  • Well, so As soon as You and your buddy confirm each other as friends you get to see each others location.


  • Of course you can fake your location The screenshot below describes the ways to do so.

How to use it even when you don't have your cell phone with you:

  • Well the most eye catching feature of google latitude is that you can use it online even without a cell phone.
  • Just go to from your PC, Follow the instructions, log-in into your account. And track You friends Locations!

Hope the Post helped You.