5 Lessons Learned As a Startup Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship, that too at start up stage is not about winning losing or being successful. It's just about sustaining. The feel of being a free bird is amazing. An entrepreneur is considered insane by 90% of the rest of world, including family and friends but this journey is something that everyone can't afford to have. Only a few lucky people get to experience this and this teaches you a lot.

Faith in your ideas and efforts, greed of success, fear of losing everything and a dream of reaching the top of this small world. I've been an entrepreneur from age of 16, and have learnt a lot by now.

I'm listing some 5 points that no one can ever understand without starting their own business. These 5 points will make you feel higher, promoted and different in a good way. I bet all the entrepreneurs are going to love this article.

1. It's not as easy as it seems

A non entrepreneur or a person who want to start but have never tried yet will still not agree to this point. You guys know it's hard to do, but trust me it's even harder then you are imaging right now. Entrepreneurship is demanding, even more than your girlfriend.

2. People shit good ideas every morning

Oh yeah?
You have an idea? ..  Superb!
You got funds too? .. Well, in good!!
Brotha, you are done just 2% of it. The real 98% of execution, team building, revenue generation, sales increasing, client relationship and many more are yet to come. Even an intern of 2000 bucks per month can frustrate you to a level that you'll drop the idea of doing business.

3. Sometimes you even can't quit

You've already invested a lot of cash, time and efforts that you can't back step. Your clients are counting on you, your employees are counting on you.
At home, you are just responsible for your parents, spouse and kids, but this is the place where all your team is your family.
Doesn't matter whether things are working out or not, you've to stand till the end of it. Quitting is not an option in cases.

4. No one will understand you

Why the hell they'll care? Even your parents, mentors and friends won't understand you. Your ideas are imaginary, your faith is limited to yourself. No one believes in you, they have their own life to take care of.
Only actions will speak.

5. The freedom is priceless

Saying or writing "mah lyf mah rulz" is not going to work, trust me. Living your life on your own terms and conditions is not easy, you've to work hard, you've to earn it.
An entrepreneur will deny working 8 hours a day for an MNC for 25,000 a month, but he'll work 18 hours a day for his own venture, that also for no money at all. No one can buy freedom of an entrepreneur for money, it's simply priceless.