How to Protect Your Email Account From Spam 2017

The following methods can be used to combat email spam.

1. Use spam filters for your email account. If you‘re using email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. Then spam filters are used by default. Each Spam filter has it‘s algorithm to detect spam emails and will automatically move them to SPAM folder. This keeps your inbox free from spam. However, some spam emails become successful to make their way into the inbox by successfully bypassing the filters.

2. Do not post your email address in public forums, user comments and chat- rooms. Give your email address only to trustworthy websites while signing
up for newsletters.

3. While taking up online surveys and filling up feedback forms, it is better not to give your personal email address. Instead sign up for a dummy email account and use this for surveys and feedback forms.

4. While posting, your contact email address on your website, use this format:email address [at] instead of This protects your email address from being indexed by spam bots.

5. Do not respond to unknown messages. When you receive a unknown email, avoid forwarding it to your friends. Examples of unknown messages can be found at If you really want to forward it to your friends, make sure that you use―Bcc‖ (blind certified copy) option to send the email. This will hide all the email IDs to which the mail is forwarded.

Rahul‟s suggesion:-“Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. Most widely recognized form of spam is email spam”