How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers in 2017

Hacking has become a key issue at present is that we often hear that someone hacked a website or a Facebook or Twitter account hacked by anyone. So, we keep your account safe from hackers is very important. I’ll share a few simple tips with you in order to protect your Facebook account from hackers.

We know that we put up your Facebook account safe from hackers how a hacker can not attack on our account.


We know that we put up your Facebook account safe from hackers how a hacker can not attack on our account.   

1)      Use a Strong Password 

The first thing you need to secure your account is to select a strong password which must contains lower and capital letters as well as numbers and special characters. Don’t use the common passwords like mohan123456, mobile no like 9876543210  and so on. Use a strong password such as (%&indiaMPuser@45), and try to change your password after every six months.

2) Don’t Open Facebook on all Computers

Try to only use one device for opening your Facebook account, if you open your account everywhere then it can be hacked easily because your SESSION is activated on that computer’s IP address. However, you can use any computer which you think is trusted, and never save your password or login details on someone else’s

3) Using Private Browsing Options

This is a little tip, if you activate private browsing in Mozila Firefox, it’ll protect you from harmful attacks. And you can do the similar in Chrome by opening your Facebook account in a “new incognito window” and nothing will be saved in the browser, I mean the browser will not save your data, so you are safe and


if you want to highly secure your Facebook account from the top level hackers then you should apply these advanced security tips. Facebook has done a lot for you in order to protect your data from hackers, and you just need to activate some default security features which Facebook offers you. Please follow the steps below.

Login to your Facebook account, and on the top of your account where you click for logout from Facebook, click that arrow and click the setting as showing in the picture below:

On the next page, you’ll need to click the security option as indicated in the image below:

Now on this above page, you can activate all the necessary security features in order to fully secure your account , you can use as many options as you can, but make sure you understand the option before using it. However, I’ll suggest you to at least activate the Login Alerts, Login Approvals and Trusted Contacts. These 3 options are must to activate for advanced security of your FB account. 

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