Most Common Facebook Password Cracking Methods & How to Protect Yourself 2017

There are many ways to hack facebook accounts such as DDOS, HTTP BOT, etc but they are very complex methods and requires time to learn. But after researching for a while I have come up with an easier method which even a 9 year old kid can do.

Step 1: Find the Facebook profile you want to hack

Step 2: Click on the url and copy the text after " "

For example

Here you will copy ""

Step 3: Download and Start Facebook Hacker 1.34. (Click here to download)

Step 4: Paste the "example. xyz" below account email

Step 5: Click on "Hack Password" 



The software requires Microsoft .net framework 4.0, make sure it is already installed on your computer.
This software is for ethical purpose only, don't get in trouble for hacking Facebooks ids.