Top 15 Security/Hacking Tools & Utilities 2017

Hacking Tools are getting noticed this days with the big hype over the “Cyber Security” field. I will try to present to you some of the best Hacking Tools around the web.
This is going to be the BEST hacking tool list on the web. Let’s get started.
  1. NMAP – Open Source utility for network discovery and security auditing. Most of the hackers / Pentesters refer this tool as the “Swiss Army Knife” of network analysis.
  2. IDA PRO – Already talked about this amazing program in my Reverse Engineering Tools post.
  3. Wireshark – The most known packet analysis and capture tool.
  4. Cain & Able – Password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems.
  5. WirelessKeyView – Want to get into wi-fi scene? This is an amazing windows WiFi password dumper.
  6. aircrack-ng – Another one in the field of wi-fi, great Hacking tool.
  7. Burp Suite – HTTP Analysis. great tool for that mission.
  8. Fiddler4 – Another HTTP Analysis tool. I like that one more than Burp. but its more into Http than to hacking.
  9. Nessus – The best Network Vulnerability Scanner i know. 
  10. SQLMap – Have you ever tried to test for SQL Injections without an automation tool? You are going to have some fun with this one.
  11. Scapy – A python framework that let your manipulate packets. It lacks compatibility with newer python version(2.7+), but anyway, it’s great.
  12. Volatility –  Great memory analysis framework. let you analyze memory dumps.
  13. SniffUSB – wanna get into some usb hacking? you should know this hacking tool. But it works only on windows xp as to this moment.
  14. Raptor – Forensics related Toolkit.
  15. Nemesis – Packet crafting and injection utility. I’ve used it not so long ago, and it is really intuitive and user friendly.
I hope this list was helpful for you, let me know if the comments if you think that i should change some of the decisions. Personally i like every Hacking Tool in this list.